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Testimonials from Perfumery Figures

Like a “time capsule” for future generations created to enrich the body of knowledge on the history of perfumery, Heritage aims to establish an intangible, human and living memory of those who created fragrances, or contributed to their existence or development.

Author and director David Richard put together a brand new collection of video interviews with key actors from the world of Perfumery, since these archives are extremely rare.
The subjects, who were free to approach the interview as they wished, look back on their career and give a personal account of perfumery, sometimes speaking about their vision of the future or the current state of their profession.

Thirty accounts have already been recorded thanks to the Per Fumum Endowment Fund’s contest. This collection, which marks the beginning of a unique historical body of work, is designed for students, researchers, historians, professionals and anyone who loves perfume. 

Author and director

Trained in archaeology and art history, he held editorial positions at TV5MONDE for 14 years before joining the Office of the Minister of Culture and Communication in 2009.
In 2012, he staged the major event "Le Ministère est au Parfum. After the ministry, with Frédéric Mitterrand, he directed the film "Christian Dior, la France" then wrote and directed "La fabuleuse histoire de l'Eau de Cologne" where he met Francis Kurkdjian. Together, in 2016, they shape the "Heritage(s)" project which today joined the Per Fumum Endowment Fund.

A number of short excerpts from these efforts of remembrance are now available for viewing.

We warmly thank our patrons for their contribution to the project, whether they wished to remain anonymous or not

Click on a perfumer’s portrait to discover about his story.

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