Héritage(s) : the assets to become a good perfumer

The success of a Perfumer relies on blending several assets and ingredients to achieve a subtle balance : discover which ones !


If there is one thing that the Heritage(s) interviews agree on, it is that the success of a Perfumer relies on blending several assets and ingredients to achieve a subtle balance.

When Jean Kerléo underlines in his interview the olfactory sense that must be worked on like an athlete, Jérôme Di Marino, Perfumer at Takasago, speaks of an “endless apprenticeship“, a savoir-faire and a job that must be learned year after year.  
Moreover, if for some people being a perfumer is an innate gift, for others it is the fruit of a long work of research until full and complete satisfaction. Gérard Anthony explains that it is necessary to dare, to have the audacity to try, to seek and seek again until finally being fulfilled by your achievement: “if you want to make a good perfume, you have to find the product, the molecule or a new manufacturing process that will sign your formula. “

Jean Kerléo also mentions the importance of memory and solid knowledge: «a good perfumer knows the raw materials well». While it is very valuable, it is not enough to become a good perfumer without being combined with creativity, imagination and inventiveness. According to the latter, “without this, it would not be the perfumer’s profession that you would have to turn to, but rather the evaluator’s profession.”

If the world of perfumery was very creative and artisanal at the time, it has evolved a lot to industrialize. We invite you to make a detour with the interview of Akiko Kamei, which perfectly expresses the changes of this environment.

Per Fumum - Heritage(s) project

Although the emotional side of Perfumery is shared by all, in these first testimonies delivered by the Heritage(s) project, the component of learning from the elders also stands out as very important. At the Per Fumum Endowment Fund, we are convinced of this because the voice that translates expertise and experience can nourish the training of young aspiring perfumers and allows everyone to anchor the innovation of its time in a history and an imagination that will also make its depth.

We therefore invite you to support the constitution of this important intangible patrimony for the heritage and future of Perfumery by making a donation to the Per Fum Endowment Fund.

Find all the answers to your questions on the website www.perfumum.org or contact us on jesuisdonateur@fondsperfumum.org.

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