Gérard Pelpel was born in Paris in 1933. After his military service, he joined Roure-Bertrand-Dupont at the age of 23 where he spent his entire career. He did not leave the company (which became Givaudan) until the end of the 1990s to retire. As a perfumer, he devoted his expertise to ensuring the quality of production and the necessary compliance of the company’s major perfumes. If Gérard Pelpel remains modest and reserved about his work, he likes to evoke – with tenderness and humor – the memory of the great figures of the perfume industry that he had the chance to know. He benefited from the last years of Jean Carles’ teaching at the Roure school in Grasse, Louis Amic and then his son Jean Amic were his bosses and Germaine Cellier, the great perfume creator, an unforgettable laboratory neighbor, as much for her obvious talent as for her original personality.

Extracted from the interview of 22 mn, filmed on the 21th June 2017 in Paris.

Writer and Interview director: David Richard
Production: Fonds de Dotation Per Fumum
Executive Production: EDEN

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