Archives available to document the history of perfume

Launch of the first Parfum scholarship in collaboration with the BnF This month of March sees the launch of the first Perfume Fellowship set up with the collaboration of the BnF _ Bibliothèque nationale de France. For one year, the doctor in history Amaury Bernard, selected for this mission and whose portrait we will be soon revealed, will […]

Interview with Moustafa Bensafi from the CLIO project

Moustafa Bensafi answers our questions in an exclusive interview for the Per Fumum Endowment Fund Moustafa Bensafi, you are a neuroscientist and you have chosen to work on a 3-year interdisciplinary study dedicated to the understanding of olfactory pleasure. What is the interest of better understanding olfactory pleasure today? The study of olfactory pleasure meets […]

Happy New Year 2023!

The Per Fumum Endowment Fund wishes you all the best for a fulfilling and meaningful year. May it be the best to each of you in this new year, which is also an opportunity to thank you for your interest, support and loyalty. In 2023, we will continue to mobilize in the service of our […]

The latest news on the projects of the Per Fumum Endowment Fund for the year 2022

When perfumery blends with heritage, scientific research and contemporary artistic creation. Since these are the missions of our endowment fund, it is our duty to translate them into concrete actions ; and our desire to make them accessible and beneficial to all. Heritage & Perfumery : For the first time and exclusively for Héritage(s), Dominique […]

The 2022 Vintage Projects

The Per Fumum Endowment Fund is pleased to introduce you the new projects that have started this September. For the rolling year 2022-23, the Per Fumum Endowment Fund is committed to four new projects.  First of all, we are supporting research and contemporary creation in relation to perfume thanks to a conference organized by Émilie […]

La cuisine des nez

Unpublished! “La cuisine des nez”, the recipe book of the great perfume designers, to be consulted on the website of the Per Fumum Endowment Fund. This book signed by Sabine Chabbert, the preface of which was written by Olivier Roellinger, speaks of the almost obvious correlation between cooking and perfume. This beautiful “olfacto-culinary” book gives […]

These rituals that made great perfumes

When perfumers reveal their work habits. As original as they are, behind some great perfumes, there are rituals and habits, sometimes obsessive, that have transformed technical formulas into magical formulas. By listening again to the Heritage(s) testimonies, you will discover in some of them, the reflexive postures of some who preceded great perfumes. Jean Kerléo, […]

Pathways in the Fragrance Industry

Career paths in perfumery: Édouard Fléchier, Nicole Benitta, Noël Guihot and Pierre Dinand look back on their first steps. Whether they chose to go into perfumery or not, training in perfumery at school is not (always) the guarantee of a successful career in this field of activity, which is only open to passionate people. Édouard […]

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