La cuisine des nez

Unpublished! “La cuisine des nez”, the recipe book of the great perfume designers, to be consulted on the website of the Per Fumum Endowment Fund.

This book signed by Sabine Chabbert, the preface of which was written by Olivier Roellinger, speaks of the almost obvious correlation between cooking and perfume. This beautiful “olfacto-culinary” book gives the floor to great names in the perfume industry such as Jacques Cavalier, Olivier Polge, Françoise Caron or Carlos Benaim.

In this book, the journey of each personality interviewed is narrated and thus each one expresses himself on cooking recipes to which he is particularly attached. Jacques Cavalier tells us about zucchini stuffed with Grassoise, Francis Kurkdjian tells the memory of his Armenian grandmother through his recipe of golden triangles with cheese. As for the creator of “L’eau d’orange verte” by Hermès, Françoise Caron, she joins her brother Olivier Cresp to share with us the recipe of the fettuccine “Al Crespo”, a generous Italian dish that reminds them of their origins and that makes everyone agree!

This book shows that perfumery personalities are inspired by their origins for their creations and it is not uncommon to find in their elaborations, many references to their personal stories.

La cuisine des nez is available for consultation all summer long by clicking here.

 Enjoy reading and eating!

Access to the document is made possible thanks to the donation of the author Sabine Chabbert and the publisher Jean-Louis Vibert, whom we thank again very much, as well as all those who participated in the book to allow its distribution.

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