Symposium in Versailles on the place of the Perfumer on the 14th and 15th of October

The Per Fumum Endowment Fund is pleased to support the Symposium which will address the evolution of the profession of Perfumer since the Renaissance

On Thursday 14th and Friday 15th October, the auditorium of the Château de Versailles will host a Symposium that will address the place of the Perfumer and its evolution since the Renaissance. The Per Fumum Endowment Fund is pleased to support this event. During two days, a dozen experts, art historians and scientists will speak. 

The figure of the Perfumer opens up a number of possibilities for reflection, such as the training of perfumers and the creation of perfumery schools at the beginning of the 20th century. Or the institutional history of the Perfumer’s profession since the 16th century, exploring the different stages of this profession. The place of the Perfumer’s clients will also be discussed: emperors, kings, presidents of large companies, some Perfumers have supplied the greatest of the world, at different times. The experts will also talk about women in Perfumery: Helena Rubinstein, Estée Lauder, Germaine Cellier, etc… the profession of Perfumer has gradually become more feminine. Thus, the Perfumer will be studied from different angles, allowing the public to learn more about this fascinating creative profession.

The Symposium will take place at the Centre de Recherches du Château de Versailles: 1 Rue de l’Indépendance Américaine, 78000 Versailles.

If you wish to attend, you can register now by clicking here, at the bottom of the page.You can follow the Symposium live by clicking here (French version) or here (English version).

Per Fumum - Symposium in Versailles on the Perfumer role
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