An end-of-year marked by novelty

From Heritage(s) videos to scientific research on olfaction and a perfume scholarship, the Per Fumum Endowment Fund brings you the latest news. The last quarter saw the launch of the perfume grant in support of Tristan Hinschberger, a student at the École du Louvre. This research will focus on the birth of a so-called «artistic» […]

Interview with Amaury Bernard

Elaboration of a catalog raisonné based on the perfume-related archives of the Bibliothèque nationale de France FdD Per Fumum : Why did you decide to apply? Can you tell us about yourself and your motivation for undertaking this project? AB: “I’m a contemporary historian*. I defended my thesis in 2019 on French, British and German […]

Interview with Moustafa Bensafi from the CLIO project

Moustafa Bensafi answers our questions in an exclusive interview for the Per Fumum Endowment Fund Moustafa Bensafi, you are a neuroscientist and you have chosen to work on a 3-year interdisciplinary study dedicated to the understanding of olfactory pleasure. What is the interest of better understanding olfactory pleasure today? Moustafa Bensafi : “The study of […]

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