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NEW: A special format with a new visual identity has been added to the Heritage(s) collection, bringing it closer to the concerns of young people as they train to become perfumers.

This new film is made up of 5 short modules of personal accounts on subjects such as vocation, creation and transmission.

To make the film accessible to as many people as possible, it will be supplied to schools free of charge with English subtitles from the start of the 2024/25 academic year.

To mark the occasion, we interviewed David Richard, writer-director of the Héritage(s) films since 2016, to hear his thoughts on this latest creation.  

Davird Richard : “We’ve only chosen perfumers for this format, because the idea is to target perfumery apprentices and young people who are training or thinking about training in this field. This format is an excellent introduction to the profession. From the moment you imagine becoming a perfumer, to the moment you become one and can afford to give advice. What motivates me to make these films is to highlight certain aspects of the profession, by bringing together and federating the different comments of a similar nature made by the different personalities.

It was difficult to make this film because I had to make choices. I concentrated on the perfumers and tried as far as possible to balance the themes. I wanted there to be as many men as women, but that was impossible and it reveals a part of the history of perfumery that was quite masculine. We also realize that it was rather Grasse-based. So the main challenge was the diversity of the panel of perfumers.

Read the full interview below on our website.

A few behind-the-scenes images of the making of the Héritage(s) films.

(c) David Richard

Finally, before reading the presentations of the 6 projects soon to be supported by the Per Fumum Endowment Fund, we would like to remind you that a selection of books on perfumery is available for free consultation in the site’s virtual library.

We look forward to seeing you in the autumn and wish you a great summer!

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