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New informatics tool for the Osmothèque

International Perfume Conservatory

The Osmotheque (from the Greek “osmè” = smell and “theke” = storage) was inaugurated in 1990 with the aim of preserving perfumes from the wear and tear of time, loss and oblivion.

Today, this conservatory contains nearly 5,000 perfumes, 800 of which have disappeared, as well as a collection of rare raw materials and bases. As such, the Osmotheque represents the olfactive memory of the perfumery patrimony.

The management of this growing collection now justifies the implementation of a more efficient IT tool. 

By rationalizing and modernizing its database, the Osmotheque also wishes to make its tool more ergonomic, reliable and secure. 

This new interface also establishes the basis for the organisation of the new informatics tool for the Osmothèque, which is central to the institution’s future deployment. 

The Per Fumum Endowment Fund is naturally pleased to support this project.

New informatics tool for the Osmothèque, International Perfume Conservatory

We warmly thank our patrons whether they wished to remain anonymous or not :

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